Copyright Information

It is a matter of education in most cases when Federal Copyright laws are violated with photography. You love your photos and want to share them. HOWEVER, the photographer owns and maintains the copyright to all images taken by the photographer. The copyright is the photographer's CREATIVE LICENSE. Translated, that means that when you buy a print, you own that print, however, the photographer owns the created image. It is your likeness on the photo, but it is the photographer who created the image. Therefore, without expressed written permission, it is in direct violation of FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW to reproduce in any form, edit, or distribute the image on the internet other than linking others to this site. To upload this photographer's images to social web-sites such as FACEBOOK or other social networks is in direct violation of Federal Copyright Laws unless you have the photographer's consent to do so. This photographer's option to you to purchase a FLASHDRIVE WITH PRINT RELEASE allows reproduction and distribution of your image. However, the photographer still owns the copyright to the image. Sorry, this sounds so "lectur-y" but copyright violation is a major problem for photographers!

If you need any additional details, have questions or concerns, please email me!

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